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Male circumcision causes eardrum to burst?

In a review article on adverse events in connection with male cicrumcision, no hearing loss was noted in 1.4M subjects... so I'd say that is a myth.
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Do active-noise cancelling headphones produce ear fatigue?

No. It's the opposite: noise cancelling headphones typically reduce fatigue. The opposing sound waves generated by active noise cancellation technology end up blocking key parts of the sound ...
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How useful are online hearing frequency tests?

I have downloaded audio using youtube-dl in the best quality(opus @160k (48000Hz)) from the linked video and opened it in Audacity. The spectrogram displays that the file contains the claimed ...
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How useful are online hearing frequency tests?

The question is complicated. First, we should be clear that audiologists conduct more elaborate tests than just "pure tone audiometry". Wikipedia provides a good summary, including examining ...
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