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Does Havana Syndrome exist?

Are Directed-Energy Weapons Behind the Havana Syndrome? In 2020, a study on Havana syndrome by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concluded that the more than 130 ...
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Does Havana Syndrome exist?

Maybe. Opinions differ and the evidence is inconsistent. BBC News has recently produced a radio documentary about this, I've summarised it below (although it's worth listening to the audio, it's ...
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Does Havana Syndrome exist?

Probably Your question is pretty much exactly my reaction the first time I heard of this, especially "This sounds like a bad action movie premise". It is difficult to research objectively ...
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Do inaudible sonic weapons exist?

The 2020 IOM report on "Havana syndrome" only considers RF (radiofrequency) as the kind of directional phenomena/weapon that could have caused the reported symptoms. They've not mentioned ...
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