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Is Google using ReCaptcha as a free source of human-intelligent labour?

Yes, and ReCaptcha have always been open about it, before and after being acquired by Google. From its formation, one of ReCaptcha's main selling points was that the data would be used. At first, it ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

Yes, they do. They will also delete likes. However, the comments quoted and the general complaints on that video about dislikes going away are based on the claim that Gillette is either paying ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

YouTube itself says that it can remove dislikes. From Likes and Dislikes report: You may see like/dislike counts change as some may be marked invalid and periodically removed from the counts. Learn ...
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Did Google censor autosuggest results for Hillary Clinton?

Google's own statement to The Washington Times explains the underlying issue: Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in ...
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Is Google using ReCaptcha as a free source of human-intelligent labour?

Yes! Luis von Ahn, one of original developers, talked in one TEDx conference about reCAPTCHA technology, and his new Project DuoLingo In this presentation, he talks about CAPTCHA history and ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

Yes, YouTube moderators can delete Likes and Dislikes. Cinema of Change tracked the responses to the Gillette video over a short period. With the help of YouTube’s API and’s screenshots of ...
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Did Google search manipulation push millions of voters towards Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election?

No. The NYT has a good breakdown of why this claim is inaccurate. Epstein is quoted as saying that the numbers Trump gives are incorrect. The white paper that is the source of the claim Trump is ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

It's been previously documented that "glitches" can also alter the like/dislike ratio on a large scale, for example, a Justin Bieber video (including, bizarrely, adding dislikes to likes), so it's ...
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Has Google Maps represented Palestine as a country in the past?

It seems the OP jumped the gun by writing a draft of the post and sitting on it, and then posting the question without checking up on the old video. AJ+ has deleted that video and put up a new one, ...
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Was 13 year old Tanmay Bakshi hired by Google?

He's not working for Google rather, he works with IBM. More specifically, he volunteers his time in order to improve AI, and IBM gives him the resources necessary to do so. Details are drawn from ...
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Does Google hire "human filters"?

Yes, they do hire people to filter content. I wasn't aware that this information could be considered controversial. It's not really a secret, it's called Commercial Content Moderation and most big ...
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Did Google search manipulation push millions of voters towards Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election?

Politifact rated the claim "False" on 19 August 2019. Politifact examined the claim, reaching out to both the author of the paper and other researchers. From Robert Epstein himself - We ...
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Is an amber background color better for reading at night?

Amber tinted screens do not make the device better for reading in the sense that they allow you to read more easily. The purpose of the tint is to diminish the effect that the phone's screen has on ...
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Was Sergei Brin a refugee?

There are two aspects to this question: Did Sergei Brin's family enter the US on a refugee visa? According to an article in the New York Times, Sergei Brin considers the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ...
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Was a new monument or building discovered in Petra with Google Earth and drones?

The discovery is detailed in Hiding in Plain Sight: The Discovery of a New Monumental Structure at Petra, Jordan, Using WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 Satellite Imagery Bulletin of the American Schools ...
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Is LaMDA, Google's AI, sentient?

If you search for "Is LaMDA sentient", you'll get plenty of articles like and
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Is Google causing 40% of the CO2 emission of all internet traffic?

In answer to the title of the question (see the addendum to this answer for details) No, Google does not cause 40% of the CO2 emissions of all Internet Traffic. There's a case that can be made, ...
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Did the INR/USD exchange rate experience a spike around Oct-Nov 2023?

I'm going to say that it's a bug in Google's data. Hovering over your graph explains that $1 in USD was (purportedly) ₹85.20 on Nov 1, 2023. Searching Google for November 1 2023 USD to Rupee "85....
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