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Has the synthetic bacteria Synthia become a rogue flesh-eating disease?

Upon closer inspection, it seems that this story can be traced to a single, very creative conspiracy theorist writing in 2010. As of 2020, the "World Vision Portal Forum" on which it was ...
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Do GMO companies forbid independent research on their seeds?

The Global Research article has a confusing date line: Global Research, January 22, 2013 Global Research, 29 July 2009 In 2009, Monsanto did heavily restrict independent science. An October 2009 ...
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Did Philippine farmers vandalise a field of Golden Rice GMO?

No, those weren't mere farmers - they were militants made up of farmers. According to the International Rice Research Institute: The Philippines, through the Department of Agriculture, is among ...
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Do some GMO plants provide bigger yields and more efficient use of land?

Yes. This meta-analysis read 147 original scientific papers about GMO crops. On average those papers found a 22% increase in crop yields and a 37% decrease in pesticide use for GMO vs non-GMO crops. ...
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Does Monsanto have a bee patent?

The origin of this claim is a 25 January 2012 Tumblr article The Buzz Behind the Monsanto/Beelogic Acquisition by journalist and film-maker Maryam Henein. In the original article it is clear that the ...
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Has the synthetic bacteria Synthia become a rogue flesh-eating disease?

Most likely not. There are reports of flesh eating bacteria contracted at beaches, and these cases are uniformly from Vibrio infections. It appears that Vibrio likes to breed around oil spills, if ...
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Does Roundup harm mammals?

According to an assessment by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the herbicide glyphosate (ingredient in Roundup), is probably carcinogenic to humans: Kathryn Guyton, a senior ...
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