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Are you more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery?

Summary As an "Average" person, you are vastly more likely to be hit by lightning over the course of a year (somewhere in the range 1 in 280,000 through 1 in 960,000) than you are to win the ...
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Is Leicester City winning the English Football premiership the most improbable single event in betting history?

Almost certainly yes, if you only count single bets with "underdog" long odds on single sporting outcomes - several sources have looked into this, including betting companies themselves, and found ...
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Did Russian hackers beat slot machines with an app?

You question, as currently worded, is more of a physiological question. Can human respond to a stimuli in a quarter of a second? Yes. From this journal article is appears that the mean is around ...
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Is poker more a game of skill than chance?

I think the "more" part of the (title) question is difficult to answer. You need a metric for "more". Several papers have used the metric proposed in "On a relative measure of skill for games with ...
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