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Has the Orca infant mortality rate been 100% since the Fukushima disaster?

That's easy to counter: the Seattle Times reports nine live orca births just in Puget Sound in 2015. The Times quotes NOAA and the Center for Whale Research as their source. However, Natural News ...
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Did radioactive snow from Fukushima fall on the USS Ronald Reagan?

The March 17, 2011 article Snow Slows Local Sailors' Efforts in Japan shows the above photo and says: Poor weather conditions hampered San Diego based Sailors’ relief efforts in Japan on Wednesday. ...
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Did the isolation condensors fail at Fukushima Daiichi? Was human error involved?

I paid close attention to the Fukushima investigation for years. I've lost my sources (I could use some help with that) but I can add some more detail as to exactly where it went wrong. If the lack ...
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Can a "second Chernobyl" happen at the nuclear reactors damaged by the tsunami in Japan?

No. Fundamentally they were different types of accidents. The Chornobyl accident was an excursion. Power within the reactor increased, and this increase caused more increase,* in an exponential ...
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Could Fukushima daiichi cause the health problems suffered by the USS Ronald Reagan crew?

This is an ongoing major class-action case, officially Lindsay Cooper, et al v. Tokyo Electric Power Company, et al. in the 9th US Federal Circuit. The OP does not reasonably describe the health ...
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