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Are chemicals used to ripen fruit in developing countries harmful to the health of consumers?

To answer my last point first, I checked a local shopping site (which sells EVERYTHING), and 'karbit' or 'carbide' is indeed often not carbide at all. Ethephon Several sellers sold 'karbit' which was ...
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Do certain fruit combinations ripen faster?

Ethylene definitely has a role in the ripening of fruit. Ethylene and fruit ripening is a scientific paper that discusses the chemical mechanisms of ripening fruit. From the paper: The ripening of ...
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Are fruits better than processed fruit juices?

Broadly yes, You lose most of the fibre present in the fruit, fibre is important for digestion and likely has other benefits (, it also helps slow ...
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Do certain fruit combinations ripen faster?

In re [Sklivvz:] Guys, I'm challenging a widely repeated claim and provide a few examples. A scientific study of the ripening effects of apples or bananas is enough to answer it. I really really don'...
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Does blending fruit affect the fibre to make you hungry again faster?

It appears that this is an area of dispute amongst the experts, and I don't believe the research supports any bold claims. For example, in 2016 Mother Jones interviewed Robert Lustig, who has been ...
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Is this fruit naturally shaped like a woman?

This has been pretty well debunked by Snopes. If such a flower or fruit actually exists outside of folklore, it's unknown to botanists. We haven't found reference to such a plant in any handbooks ...
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