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Is the flu more deadly than COVID-19 for children?

True. Says the WHO since March 2020: Children are important drivers of influenza virus transmission in the community. For COVID-19 virus, initial data indicates that children are less affected than ...
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Is the flu more deadly than COVID-19 for children?

Update 2021-03-24: Based on new data through "End Week" 3/13/2021: the CDC tallied total COVID-19 death toll among children since the beginning of the pandemic (which has now had meaningful ...
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Does inhaling steam from fresh-boiled potatoes help with a cold/flu cough or congestion?

It sounds like this is a Russian variant of a common home remedy of inhaling steam as a decongestant. [Examples: The Health Site, WebMD] The Cochrane Library reviewed the evidence: Heated, humidified ...
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Can the flu shot cause the flu?

Quoting from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page Misconceptions about Seasonal Flu and Flu Vaccines: Can a flu shot give you the flu? No, a flu shot cannot cause flu illness....
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Has influenza been almost completely wiped out?

Have the number of cases of influenza been massively reduced? Yes. The World Health Organization track the number of cases of influenza. Their 18 Jan 2021 update covers this. While they warn that the ...
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Are flu shots harmful because they may contain antibiotics?

This page from the University of Oxford vaccine knowledge project says that flu vaccine contains traces of antibiotics and formaldehyde. They don't define "trace" but it usually means something well ...
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Did some people in New York in 1918 board a subway feeling healthy and then die from the flu during the subway ride?

The anecdote originates from The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance by one Laurie Garrett (1994). There were reports of women boarding a New York subway in Coney ...
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Has influenza been almost completely wiped out?

If coronavirus has increased, then it logically follows that influenza cannot have decreased, since the same measures reduce both. The question hinges on this assumption. I am not an epidemiologist, ...
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Did the 2008-9 flu shot increase the risk of getting the H1N1 flu?

According to Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus?, wherein reference "4" is the Skowronski reference of the OP: Given the ...
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Can triple antibiotic ointment in the nostrils prevent flu?

There's nothing about the specifically antibiotic properties of the ointment that would give any preventative effect against influenza. Flus are caused by viruses. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Even ...
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Does gargling salt water reduce incidence of flu?

This study (2005) found that gargling with just water (no salt) protects against respiratory tract infections: BACKGROUND: Gargling to wash the throat is commonly performed in Japan, and people ...
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Do cold baths prevent flu?

Depends on what you mean, but the short answer is "not really". One study that seems to get peddled around as evidence that cold showers boost the immune system is this one, although the ...
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Do UV air purifiers reduce the risk of being infected by the common cold or the flu?

Plausible, but under-researched. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has this to say about UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI): There have been few published studies of the health benefits of ...
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Is the flu more deadly than COVID-19 for children?

It seems it might depend on the age sub-group, at least in France. Although data is so sparse that it comes down to a handful of actual deaths from either disease in adolescents, the number of deaths ...
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Do people with flu shots shed the influenza virus more than those who aren't vaccinated?

The claim may be indeed a bit premature to confirm as either true or not true, for the general outlook. It is a robust correlational finding. Explanations of causation may follow, if confirmed. But it ...
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