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Was the oven mitt first developed by Earl Mitt?

I found some evidence (all of which points very strongly against any "Earl Mitt") and assembled a timeline: 1757: Mitt (a clipping of "mitten" with the same meaning) is first ...
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Does the word "butterfly" stem from an erroneous transcription of "flutterby"?

TL/DR: It's more probable that the name really derives from butter because other Germanic dialects relate the insect with diary products as well. To explain why, the Brothers Grimm suggest a ...
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Has any scholar proposed an etymology of "pissed" (in the sense of "drunk") related to drinking psychoactive urine?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it dates to 1812, but with the spelling "pist" in Rhymes of Northern Bards Being a Curious Collection of Old and New Songs and Poems, Peculiar to ...
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Was the oven mitt first developed by Earl Mitt?

Gloves to protect from heat are much older than the 1870s date in the claim. For example, in the 01 February 1830 Gazette of Health (vol. XV, No. 170, page 844) is the article "Preservation of ...
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