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Can the human brain move objects without touching them?

Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is pseudoscientific. There is no quality evidence for it. The conjectures in the video attempting to explain it are without merit. The Wikipedia page, linked ...
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Did Neem Karoli Baba read the thoughts of Ram Dass?

The most we can say is that this looks like classic "cold reading". The fact that Dass's mother had died was presumably a matter of public record. It is quite possible that Baba knew this, ...
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Can we find water with wood sticks?

Simply put, no. Dowsing (or Souciering) is no more effective than just guessing. Those who have shown better success are using other methods (like cheating) to pad their results. The Committee for ...
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Does Stanford University conduct research into psychic spies?

The Stanford Research Institute was established by Stanford University in 1946 as a research innovation centre. It started a number of important developments such as the computer mouse and inkjet ...
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Did a psychic, Pat Price, correctly predict one of Patty Hearst's kidnappers?

The CIA have released some declassified documents. Here's a relevant document in the CIA reading room. Here is a relevant one, OPERATIONAL USE OF PARANORMALS IN POLICE ACTIVITIES. The original is ...
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