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Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?

The claims people bring to this site never fail to impress! This is more false than it is true. Pepsi does not contain HEK-293 cells. HEK cells were used to test different kinds of sweeteners to ...
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Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?

Pepsi is certified kosher in the US, Mexico, and Canada (source), so there cannot be any human products involved in Pepsi made at those locations, as human flesh is not kosher. Kashrus certification ...
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Are bars in Italy using pasta as straws?

Yes, some bars in Italy are using pasta straws. But is it really surprising? Civico5: Manduria, Italy Image News: "Civico5 opta per le cannucce di pasta: un atto d'amore per l'ambiente" (Civico5 ...
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Does leaving a tooth in coke overnight dissolve it?

A tooth will not decay overnight in sodas. Yes, Sodas contain acid, but nowhere strong enough for that effect! Among others, Snopes debunked it. There is a risk from sodas (as well as at least some ...
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Is drinking tea after a meal unhealthy?

According to this study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (and referred to in this medical news article), consuming tea with meals has a significant effect on iron absorption. ...
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Does chugging Gatorade before going to sleep prevent a hangover in the morning?

Regarding Gatorade efficacy on hangover effects, there are comments from Dr. Seymour Diamond and Dr. Jeanmarie Perrone that it might be useful for rehydration due to its balanced electrolyte content. ...
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Does water bring out the flavor and aroma in scotch?

The phenomenon is real, but the first explanation is wrong. For an account of what happens, help yourself to a very good answer at the Seasoned Advice StackExchange. Basically, there are various ...
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Does Coca Cola taste different in glass bottles?

Glass bottled coke sometimes has cane sugar instead of corn syrup I think we can trust Wikipedia for this Mexican Coke is bottled in a thick 355 mL or ...
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Is it safe to drink 'expired' cola/pop/soda in an aluminum can?

All soda cans are treated with a coating on the inside, exactly in order to prevent the contents from having any corrosive effect on the can itself. The inside [of the can] also gets a treatment: ...

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