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Did Republicans mock Biden for showing grief over the loss of his dog?

I'm not sure what level of Google-exhaustion one needs to show before drawing a negative conclusion on an existence question like this, but it's probably quite safe to conclude that there are no ...
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Did a vegan dog live for 29 years?

According to a (2021) interview with Bramble's owner (cited by Wikipedia), Bramble lived 25 (and 1/4 or so) years (not 29), i.e. 1978-2003. If you click on that link you'll discover that it's a vegan ...
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Was there a trial by combat between a man and a dog in medieval France?

This appears to be a folk tale with little contemporary evidence of the event actually happening, but the tale itself does seem to date to the 15th century. According to Volume 17 of the 1911 ...
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Did Republicans mock Biden for showing grief over the loss of his dog?

I found Twitter to be pretty civil in its response to the death of Biden’s dog, within the narrow timeframe between it being announced and that tweet. I found more examples of people claiming ...
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Can dogs have autism?

Dogs definitely can be diagnosed with behavioral issues or have abnormal dog-to-human and/or dog-to-dog interactions. Behavioral issues like these in dogs have been suggested to have some ...
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Could the diphtheria antitoxin (vaccine) have been flown into Nome, Alaska in 1925, but was chosen not to?

Aviation began in Alaska in 1924. By the winter of 1924-25, there was a grand total of three aircraft in Alaska: two Standard-Js owned by Alaska Aerial Transportation Company, and a de Havilland DH-4B ...
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Was there a trial by combat between a man and a dog in medieval France?

A book, The 14th Century, seems to back the claim up somewhat, but places the duel earlier than 1400, during the reign of Charles V of France, which was from 1364 until his death in 1380. The book in ...
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Does this dog food double the lifespan of dogs?

This cited claim seems to made by Ward himself in the interview without any study to back it up. While not unreasonable, 27 years is already a very high upper bound achieved by only very few canines, ...
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Do 3% of the Swiss eat dogs and cats?

No, according to the Swiss Ambassador to New Zealand Dr. David Volgensanger, in Dog-eating an exaggerated myth I categorically state that this is not at all a widespread Swiss habit and that the 3 ...
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Does normal paper currency contain enough narcotics residue to attract a drug-sniffing dog?

Evidence: Research has shown that drug detection dogs act routinely based on the behavioral cues of their handlers, rather than only acting on their sense of smell for odor detection. In ...
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Do dental chews for pets reduce plaque and tartar?

Summary Yes, they help. (Note: Calculus is another name for tartar.) Dogs Effective Periodontal Disease Control Using Dental Hygiene Chews, Wendy Brown and Phil McGently, DOI: 10.1177/...
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Do old dogs run away to die?

According to The Complete Tracker, 2nd edition: Tracks, Signs, and Habits of North American Wildlife, Chapter 12, DOGS (CANIDAE), page 117 Pack members are brought food if they become sick or ...
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Is it true that SERE's in the army are given a dog to raise to kill them?

USAF SERE Training Manual There is a section in the USAF's training manual about how to elude tracking dogs, but nothing else. There's also a section on emotional well being, but nothing that appears ...
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Do dogs tend to distrust men with beards?

Dogs have some kind of facial recognition according to studies, for example http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10071-013-0713-0 Abstract Faces play an important role in communication ...
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