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Do the teachings of Bhagavad Gita help to defeat diabetes?

The newspaper article is reporting on the publication of this paper: Kalra, B., Joshi, A., Kalra, S., Shanbhag, V. G., Kunwar, J., Singh Balhara, Y. P., Chaudhary, S., Khandelwal, D., Aggarwal, S., ...
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Can the BCG vaccine cure type 1 diabetes?

I work in Diabetes research in the UK and Can find no evidence to support the wild claims in the paper, press release and press reports. Sadly hidden away in a table in supplementary data is the fact ...
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Is radioactive milk being sold in inner-city black neighbourhoods in New York?

This is not a complete answer; perhaps if someone has a copy of the book they can build on this. I've been unable to find the full text for the original claim and its methodology. The statements and ...
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Can Okra treat Diabetes?

tl;dr: Yes: as an additional treatment option or preferred food choice this vegetable brings more than taste to the table. The effects of the original claim are substantiated, on a certain scale, and ...
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Can the BCG vaccine cure type 1 diabetes?

No. The study doesn't claim that and the results are very weak anyway This story is an interesting case where the headlines exaggerated the claims and the claims were far weaker than many supposed ...
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Can the BCG vaccine cure type 1 diabetes?

Andrew H's answer is only somewhat correct, the 3 patients were only the first phase of the first phase (ha), the grand total seems to be 9; still this treatment is controversial, something that was ...
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