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Are statistics in controversial Australian antigay posters true?

What the writings by Sullins say Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents is available online: Retrospective questions at Waves III and IV asked about adult ...
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Did depressed people far more accurately estimate how many monsters they killed in a video game?

In addition to the two versions of the claim in the question, the claim is repeated here by Andrew Solomon. I could not find other instances of the claim online. The article seems to have been ...
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Do Russians get depressed the same way Americans do?

As per Wikipedia's by-country list of depression in "Epidemiology of depression": Rank Country DALY rate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 United States 1,454.74 127 Russia ...
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Do Russians get depressed the same way Americans do?

The claim is not supported by the research the article is based on The linked article says "Russians Don't Get Depressed", but they base that on a study which says nothing of the sort. The actual ...
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Can gluten cause depression?

Gluten-free diet and depression in individuals with NON-CELIAC GLUTEN SENSITIVITY Non-celiac gluten sensitivity refers to intestinal and other symptoms related to the ingestion of gluten in the ...
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Is depression caused by chemical imbalances?

Yes and no. Usually the "chemical imbalance" is the consumer-oriented version of the serotonin hypothesis for depression. The most practiced method of testing this experimentally (and practically the ...
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Are suicide rates among millenials increasing?

Suicide: Yes (New York Times, study), but not just millennials: Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases ...
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Do Russians get depressed the same way Americans do?

This particular claim does seem to be supported by the study: rumination is more common among Russians but it is not indicative of depression (unlike rumination in Americans). However, the framing ...
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Do antidepressants cause brain damage?

The article you refer to seems biased and misleading. It quotes multiple serious-looking papers, then reaches a conclusion not mentioned in any of them. Several articles (e.g. this and this) claim ...
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Are statistics in controversial Australian antigay posters true?

You have to be very careful reading studies as shown - many of them conflate the nuclear family with everything other than the nuclear family, including single parents, and make the conclusion that ...
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Is depression caused by chemical imbalances?

This is not even wrong. Depression is related to alterations of serotonin, dopamine transmitters and more: On the Complexity of Brain Disorders: A Symptom-Based Approach: Major Depressive ...
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Are gut bacteria a cause of depression?

I can't find a scientific article with this claim or anything like it made explicit, but a quick search of the scientific literature turns up research that suggests this may be the case. Melancholic ...
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