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Can Currency Notes be tracked with GPS?

Alright, this question stays in the top list, because nobody has "answered" it. So let's see. According to this article: Rs 2000 Currency Note With Nano GPS Chip – Hoax or Not? World’s smallest ...
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Did France flood Guinea with counterfeit currency to destabilize it?

Yes, this actually happened, according to French journalists Roger Faligot and Pascal Krop, both of whom were mainstream journalists and specialized in French counterinsurgency and covert operations. ...
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Did the INR/USD exchange rate experience a spike around Oct-Nov 2023?

I'm going to say that it's a bug in Google's data. Hovering over your graph explains that $1 in USD was (purportedly) ₹85.20 on Nov 1, 2023. Searching Google for November 1 2023 USD to Rupee "85....
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Does normal paper currency contain enough narcotics residue to attract a drug-sniffing dog?

Evidence: Research has shown that drug detection dogs act routinely based on the behavioral cues of their handlers, rather than only acting on their sense of smell for odor detection. In ...
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Does Germany use the Euro to exploit the US and the EU?

Does Navarro have a point here? According to a Washington Post article: "I think [Navarro] has a point, in that Germany has basically set up the rules in the euro area to suit itself, and if they ...
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Can Currency Notes be tracked with GPS?

Tracking currency with an integrated GPS/RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) system is still in various stages of research and currently not in implementation in any country of the world. 1) ...
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Can governments destroy the value of Bitcoin, if they wanted to?

Yes. There are exactly two ways. Bitcoin, or more specifically the blockchain, needs constant auditing by powerful computers which have power as well as cooling needs. If the government controls ...
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