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Did the submersible 'DSV Alvin' spot a living plesiosaur?

On one hand, it disappoints me that we are still debunking Charles Berlitz's nonsense accounts about the Bermuda Triangle (which includes the Tongue of the Ocean) over 40 years after they started. On ...
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Is there a breeding population of big cats living wild in the UK?

Perhaps, but unconfirmed. There have been numerous reports of a "beast of Bodmin/Dart moor". There is a list of reports of contacts with big cats here thanks to Weather Vane. The best ...
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The extinction of the thylacine: could some still survive?

The book The Last Tasmanian Tiger by Robert Paddle records several accounts as of thylacine sightings on mainland Australia in modern (European) times. A naturalist named Cambrian, claimed to have ...
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Do J'ba Fofi (Congolese Giant spiders) exist?

As the BBC reports, a huntsman spider found in Laos with a legspan of about 300mm (about 1 ft) is considered the largest known to science.
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Does the 'Dogman' - a half-man, half-dog hybrid - exist?

The news clip itself mentions neither DNA testing nor any supposed Dogman. However, WKYT reported on 12th August 2020 (6 months later): Knott County boy killed by pack of wild dogs KNOTT CO., Ky. (...
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