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Did Trump's inauguration cake copy the design of Obama's 2013 inauguration cake?

Yes. A Washington Post article (and interview with the Baker) includes a picture of the 2013 cake next to the 2017 cake. The Baker of the 2013 cake tweeted this comparison. According to the Post, ...
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Was the music used in the "You wouldn't steal a car" advertisements pirated?

Wikipedia cites an article at TorrentFreak. While that doesn't sound like a very reliable source, the article seems to be well researched, and the reporter is Dutch and hence probably has access to ...
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Are piracy rates for PC games often 85-90 percent in 2016?

Issue: Whether Personal computer games are being pirated between 85 to 90%? Evidence: Global Personal software piracy rate is measured at 38% in 2007, 41% in 2008, 43% in 2009 and 42% in 2011 by ...
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Does the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie lack gloves and shoes?

From Disney, as hosted currently, Watch Mickey Mouse's classic cartoon debut and see what made Walt's little hero a movie star. Below which there is a video of the original Steamboat Willie With the ...
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Is visiting a banned torrent site punishable by 3 years jail in India?

According to a recent verdict of Bombay High Court, viewing/downloading copyrighted material from the internet is NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Here is the article related to the verdict in The Times Of ...
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Is Antigua exempt from U.S. copyright?

"[A]uthorized…but suspension of IP rights has never taken place" The above is taken from Cross-Retaliation Under The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism Involving TRIPS Provisions from the WTO ...
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