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Does Amazon use Oracle instead of AWS to run their business?

Misleading at best Oracle is completely different from AWS. This quote is wrong such that it's comparing apples to oranges. Ellison is claiming that Amazon is using Oracle's database to run their ...
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Only the US, Liberia and Myanmar are “not metric”?

From the Ph.D. thesis "The Social Life of Measures: Metrication in the United States and Mexico, 1789--2004": As of today [September 2011] there are seven non-metric countries in the world: ...
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Does Amazon use Oracle instead of AWS to run their business?

Amazon uses both AWS and the Oracle relational database system to run their business. The quote by Larry Ellison is very misleading but not outright false. Amazon uses AWS infrastructure to run ...
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Only the US, Liberia and Myanmar are “not metric”?

According to a well-sourced wikipedia article, those three countries are the only three that have "some adoption", whereas all the others have "partially complete" adoption (UK, Malaysia, Canada, ...
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Does Amazon use Oracle instead of AWS to run their business?

Apparently, they are currently in the process of migrating from Oracle to AWS. According to an interview with "one of the people" published in August 2018 by CNBC: Amazon began moving off ...
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Is Amazon copying sellers' items and then selling their own versions instead?

I'm not sure how this is a surprising claim at its core. The press has been reporting that Amazon has been doing this for years, e.g. Bloomberg in 2016: Rain Design has been selling an aluminum ...
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Is Israel exporting 100s-of-Millions, or Billions, USD of arms per year?

A multi-annual chart on the "trading economies website suggests Israeli arms exports have a "total insurable value" of hundreds of millions of USD per year. This sentence contains ...
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Did a 700 percent increase in pencil sales occur in Britain on the back of the Sudoku boom?

I think I found the person responsible for this quote, saying something very similar a decade later. Faber-Castell is a pencil business based in Germany, owned by a single aristocratic family. Shades ...
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