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Should you wash tuna cans before opening them?

It's not a bad idea, but tuna cans, and most other cans, are packed in boxes or wrapped in plastic at the production line and not opened until they reach the store. The greater concern is probably all ...
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Can magnets be used to clean laundry?

"To me this seems complete nonsense." As it does to anyone that looks any further than the company's own advertising. McGill University's Office for Science and Society ("Separating Sense from ...
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Are antibacterial soaps better than plain soap and water?

This 2015 study, Bactericidal effects of triclosan in soap both in vitro and in vivo, suggests the most popular active ingredient, triclosan, had no effect for exposures commensurate with hand-...
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Do vinegar or salt prevent the cloth colors from bleeding?

Salt has been used as a mordant (dye-fixer) for ages. Packs of RIT brand dye suggest adding salt (or vinegar, for synthetics) to the dye bath to help the color set. https://www.ritdye.com/techniques/...
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Can an iron + steam remove "heat stains" from a wood table?

According to the University of Kentucky - College of Agriculture, it (an iron) is but one of the many techniques used to remove a blemish from wood finishes. But the type of finish will determine the ...
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Are laundry detergent and fabric softener fumes dangerous to human health?

We don't know. When deciding if fumes are dangerous, the relevant measure is the "LC-50", the airborne concentration that is lethal to 50% of test subjects. Ingestion LD-50s are of limited ...
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Are laundry detergent and fabric softener fumes dangerous to human health?

Not even close to dangerous enough to worry about I looked up the Material Safety data Sheet (MSDS) for the OSHA (United States) for a generic fabric softener. The following table is the LD50 (lethal ...
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Is washing hands with soap necessary when backpacking?

It is definitely worth bringing sanitizer on a hike Germ Longevity Bacteria and viruses die after a while on your skin - anywhere from hours to months according to the UK NHS. If you can keep your ...
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