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Does coffee cause fat and cellulite gain?

In most studies, caffeine intake was associated with no significant weight change or a slight weight loss. Caffeine - no weight change 1) Caffeinated Coffee Does Not Acutely Affect Energy Intake, ...
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Does caffeine increase productivity in office jobs?

One study has made an analysis of the effects of caffeine on cognitive performance. See: I didn't read the whole study but it seems that has tested ...
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Does the coffee plant use caffeine to kill bugs and surrounding plants?

Caffeine on insects That "caffeine kills insects" is an old myth: "I find it considerably interesting and even amusing," said Bussey Professor of Biology Carroll M. Williams. &...
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Does tea contain as much (or more) caffeine as coffee?

It totally depends on the type of tea, the amount of leaves you use. The average tea bag contains about 2 grams (about a tablespoon) of tea. If you're making loose leaf tea, it's possible you're ...
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