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Does this video portray Muslims being tortured?

It seems as if the video comes from the Malaysian GGK -- their elite commandos. Here is a similar video from season one of the History Channel's "Special Forces" At 2 AM a group has been caught ...
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Does Myanmar deny medical care, humanitarian aid, education, and food to Rohingya?

It depends how you want to define that, but the trend over the past couple of decades has been toward increased marginalization of Rohingya, certainly in education. It's not clear if there is/was a ...
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Do Rohingyas speak in a Bengali dialect?

Short Answer The claim "Rohingya is a Bengali dialect" cannot be meaningfully proven due to difficulties in defining what constitutes a dialect and what constitutes a language. But it is safe to say "...
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Do Rohingyas speak in a Bengali dialect?

Rohingya language: It is related to the Chittagonian language spoken in the neighboring southeastern Chittagong Division of Bangladesh See also the 1799 article A Comparative Vocabulary of Some of ...
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