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Did JK Rowling ever describe Harry Potter goblins as "hook-nosed"?

Not in the text of the main books I used Potter search to find all instances of "hooked" or "hook" in the main series (books 1–7). I cross referenced the HP Lexicon to make sure ...
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Do the most popular college books in the US include "The Communist Manifesto" & "The Republic"?

Source of Statistics The methodology behind the numbers is discussed on Open Syllabus' about page. A few key points: The data doesn't cover all courses in the US. They estimate their coverage at ...
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Is there a Pearson's Nursing textbook that contains cultural descriptions of reaction to pain?

It's not a hoax, it is a real copy of Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume I (2nd Edition). See Education Company Under Fire For 'Racist' Nursing Textbook The company ...
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Did the New York Times misleadingly remove Alex Jones' book from the NYT Bestseller's list?

The New York Times does not use sales numbers alone, and will remove books if they suspect they are inflating their numbers. However, there is no evidence that is the case here. It simply does not ...
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Did Jiang Zemin write an unpublished memoir?

It was published, actually According to the Times article (as republished here), the "unpublished memoir" appeared in a Hong Kong magazine called Qians[h]ao or Outpost. This article also ...
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Is an amber background color better for reading at night?

Amber tinted screens do not make the device better for reading in the sense that they allow you to read more easily. The purpose of the tint is to diminish the effect that the phone's screen has on ...
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Does UV light harm books?

Yes. Light damages books, and UV-light especially so. That makes the idea of using UV rays for sterilisation of books quite stupid. And 'in light' of recent viral infections panics, simple '...
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Do the most popular college books in the US include "The Communist Manifesto" & "The Republic"?

The data looks like a thin slice Suppose you take a paper-thin slice of an apple, orange, or similar fruit. By chance, you might discover seeds or pulp. If you take an unfortunate slice, you may ...
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Has it been mathematicaly determined that the Voynich Manuscript is not gibberish?

Has it? Well yes and no, as explained in rjzii's answer. Regarding the last line of the question though: What analysis was done to "prove" the manuscript is a legitimate cipher script, and how ...
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