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Was this 'carbon fibre' bicycle rim destroyed by a parrot?

Although there is no proof beyond the photo, it seems reasonable that the parrot did cause the damage. However, the rim, no longer in production, does not contain any carbon fibre - instead, it is ...
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Can 100 bicycles be made from the materials used to build one car?

This is obviously not true. You have to look at the different materials cars or bicycles are made from because that statement doesn't restrict itself to a specific material. This would require the ...
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Do Australian cyclists need to pay registration fees?

No, there are no laws, and no planned laws, for cyclists in New South Wales to pay registration. Since posting this question, it was discussed in the Parliament of NSW. Registration was "ruled ...
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Do Australian cyclists need to pay registration fees?

Doing a Google (Australia) search for "bike riders will now have to carry photo id and pay rego", you find the SMH announcement of a proposal from Jul 15, 2015, and more reports around Dec 21, 2015, ...
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Is having bike lanes safer than not having them?

Having taken a bicycle safety course, I can attest to part of the syllabus in which they explain why bicycle lanes are less safe than operating as another road user / vehicle operator. As a proponent ...
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