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Do rats swim 240 times longer after being saved from drowning?

TRUE (kinda, it's complicated) EDIT: To address Jack Aidley's comment: The physiological measurements mentioned in the paper, which indicates that some rats will die before they even enter the water, ...
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Do rats swim 240 times longer after being saved from drowning?

The claim is without evidence. The statement is present in the conclusion but it is NOT substantiated by the data. The study was over clipping rats wiskers and triming their hair in between wild and ...
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Do airlines have a "Do not pair" list of pilots who don't want to work with each other?

Yes, "do not pair" lists do exist. They were brought in as one of the responses to the crash of Northwest Airlink Flight 5719. The accident was basically a CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) ...
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Has the Gympie Gympie tree driven humans to commit suicide because of the pain from its sting?

Gympie-Gympie is said to have the most painful sting of any plant in Australia with reference to this source. Can the pain last for years? Answer: Partly yes up to one year referring to research by ...
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Do Macaque monkeys steal money from wallets and use it to buy food from vending machines?

The claim is plausible. Let's break it down into several components: Q: Are monkeys capable of stealing wallets or learning to use vending machines? A: Certainly. There is ample video evidence of ...
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Are fussy babies more intelligent?

It does not seem so. The link at the bottom of the article points to this article by Schmidt, Fox, Perez-Edgar and Hamer. My (non-expert) reading of this is that baby fussiness is largely ...
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Did an ostrich pull off its own head?

Yes. A Reddit user has posted an unsourced video showing an ostrich with its head stuck in a fence. It forcefully tries to pull itself free, and decapitates itself on the fence, leaving its body ...
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Do colder temperatures increase our hunger?

There's alas not much in the way of data on this. One experimental study published last year said (buried in the body of their paper) that subjective feeling of hunger increased during 1.5 hours of ...
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Are men more attracted to women who are ovulating over those who are not?

Yes, although it is generally said that humans do not have estrous cycles in the way most mammals do, there are indeed multiple peer-reviewed studies suggesting that people (not just men, and in some ...
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