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Is the honey bee apocalypse real?

There is an ongoing honey bee population and dependency crisis, according to some scientific literature. (Whether that amounts to an "apocalypse" is a matter of opinion.) The gist is that, ...
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Do beeswax candles "purify" the air?

The study "Fine Particulate Matter Emissions from Candles" (viewable online) compared various candles. It found that the beeswax candle (called BW1 in the paper) emitted less PM2.5 (often ...
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Was Jan Dzierżoń harassed for his work on parthenogenesis?

The source Wikipedia is using says: Long-standing conflicts with ... the ecclesiastical authorities (e.g. criticism of dogma concerning papal fallibility) resulted, ultimately, in his ...
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Does Propolis in toothpaste protect the gums and the mouth area?

In short, the research I looked at found that propolis can have anti-plaque, anti-tartar, and antibacterial effects. Just be careful you're not allergic to it. A pretty comprehensive review article ...
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Do honeybees disrupt native pollinators in North America?

There is a recent review article covering this topic: Do managed bees have negative effects on wild bees?: A systematic review of the literature 8 December 2017, PLOSone: Fifty-three percent of ...
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