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How old is Judaism?

The comments on this question have correctly pointed out that it is possibly unanswerable because of the variety of meanings attributed to the word "Judaism." The question, as well as the ...
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Were the first Americans from Africa?

There is very little that can be said with great confidence about the earliest Americana. Various methods over the decades have been used to try to piece together American prehistory, and pretty much ...
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Do graffiti from travelers at the Abu Simbel temple prove that the temple was only built in the 19th century?

What are the rational explanations for these graffiti? The explanation is simple: Some people like to mark things with their name graffiti. I don't have a reference for this (and references are ...
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How old is Judaism?

One of the leading biblical scholars in the United States, Michael D. Coogan, dates the archeological evidence for the events described in the Old Testament at ca. 3300-1200 BCE.1 The first five ...
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Can the ethnicity of medieval skulls be determined by shape?

Can the ethnicity of medieval skulls be determined by shape? What we can answer is that the ethnicity of modern skulls can be determined by shape, with a certain error rate. There is a database of ...
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Have edible jars of honey been found in thousand-year-old Egyptian tombs?

Evidence for it seems to be lacking. This is the closest I've found to an exploration of the sources and the most likely source for the claim is the 1907 account of explorer Theodore Davis regarding ...
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Did the walls of Jericho fall outward?

Current evidence: Lauren Axelrod, an anthropology student studying for her PhD in archaeology states in her blog Ancient digger that one expedition dated the city of Jericho to 15th century and other ...
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