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No with regards to the specific ruling cited, and no in the broader sense since the U.S. Courts have previously ruled against the link. The legalese can be tough to parse but the ruling is pretty clear that the respondent, in this case the Secretary of Health and Human Services agreed with the petitioners' claim that Ryan Mojabi suffered encephalitis as a ...


Natural News' claims of fraud on the part of BMJ hinge on two things: BMJ is allegedly "largely" funded by the very vaccine makers they are allegedly "protecting" by unfairly attacking Dr. Wakefield's paper published in The Lancet in 1998. The BMJ's claims of fraud are disproved by research presented by Professor Walker-Smith and Dr. Amar Dhillon that "...


This one from 2011 did. It's certainly low impact and I haven't gone through it to find the flaws. I'd be interested to look at the data and see if there is anything there. The study has garnered strong condemnation for a variety of reasons. Not a scientific study, but DHHS conceded that vaccines contributed to the autism-like symptoms of this neurologist's ...

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