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Is the Amazon rainforest the "world's lungs"?

I'm not sure where have I first stumbled upon this information, but I think it was during my childhood when media was not centered on the rain forests so much. The primary oxygen production on Earth ...
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Is the Amazon rainforest the "world's lungs"?

The Forbes article asserting the Amazon contributes net zero is correct. The link below shows the environmental science to back it up and also adds an important conclusion about our sources of oxygen....
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Is the Amazon rainforest the "world's lungs"?

tl;dr - yes, but there are doubts that it will keep being "world's lungs" in the future. The removal of athmospehric CO2 and the production of oxygen are two sides of the same process, while the ...
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Was the number of forest fires in the Amazon in Summer 2019 considerably higher than usual?

I stumbled upon this article today. According to the article, the fires this year are 80% up as compared to the previous year, but only 7% above the 10-year average. The article ascribes the claim to ...
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Are the 2019 Amazon rainforest fires only 7% higher than the 10 year average?

Not all of Brazil is Amazon. Year 2019 to 26 August, Brazil has had an 80% increase in satellite detected fire spots from the same period in 2018. For the Amazon portion of Brazil the increase ...
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