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Do beeswax candles "purify" the air?

The study "Fine Particulate Matter Emissions from Candles" (viewable online) compared various candles. It found that the beeswax candle (called BW1 in the paper) emitted less PM2.5 (often ...
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Do food proteins in vaccines cause the development of food allergies?

Evidence: Certain food-derived excipients contain food proteins either intentionally or unintentionally as contaminants. Virtually all food allergens that generate IgE-mediated responses are ...
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Is the "Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity" study reliable?

An up-to-date analysis has been requested. I agree that it's desirable to integrate the study "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome" (McCarty et al. ...
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Does sugar deplete enzymes, allowing partially digested protein into the blood, and triggering an immune response?

In short: There is no evidence to claim that high intake of refined (or other) sugars impairs the digestion of proteins, but may stimulate inflammation via other mechanisms. The most commonly used ...
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Can women give their children certain allergies by eating certain foods while pregnant?

The NHS website says You can eat peanuts or food containing peanuts, such as peanut butter, during pregnancy, unless you're allergic to them or a health professional advises you not to. You ...
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Is plastic significantly less likely to cause allergies than metal, paper, acrylic or bamboo

Plastic straws I can't find any evidence that plastic straws can trigger an allergy. Plastic straws are very popular, so this might say something. Or it may not. Metal straws Depending on the metal, ...
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Can sunglasses reduce the symptoms of hayfever?

There are at least two peer-reviewed studies published by the same research group (Ozturk et al. 2013, Comert et al. 2016) that investigate whether wearing sunglasses reduces the symptoms of allergic ...
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Do food proteins in vaccines cause the development of food allergies?

Yes, the Institute of Medicine (now known as the Health and Medicine Division of the National Acadamies) stated in 2011 that food proteins in vaccines such as ovalbumin (chicken egg), casamino acids (...
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Does aluminium hydroxide provoke allergies?

Using these updated parameters we found that the body burden of aluminum from vaccines and diet throughout an infant's first year of life is significantly less than the corresponding safe body burden ...
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