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Did NASA director Charles Bolden claim that an alien invasion will happen soon?

No. The original source of this claim is a satirical news site. This claim is from an article in World News Daily Report, which carries the following disclaimer in the footer: World News Daily ...
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Did NASA director Charles Bolden claim that an alien invasion will happen soon?

The current answer correctly addresses the truthiness of the claim; but neglects to mention that the satirical article in question from WNDR was actually NOT made up from scratch, but instead cued ...
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Is Kim Jong UN a space alien according to new NASA evidence?

How reliable is that information? Not reliable at all. The Sunday Sport wikipedia entry says as much: ...It prints plainly ludicrous stories, such as "London Bus Found Frozen In Antarctic Ice", ...
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Were humans placed on Earth by aliens?

Ellis Silver takes a number of features of human physiology, claims they are inexplicable by evolution, and comes to the extreme conclusion that aliens placed humans on Earth. However, each of the ...
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Did Edward Snowden leak documents on aliens?

forbes says that this article is the original source. As @user5341 said, Fox News and most other sources refer to FARS. The fars article is available online and indeed refers to ...
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Are chupacabras of extraterrestrial origin?

A five-year investigation by Benjamin Radford, documented in his 2011 book Tracking the Chupacabra, concluded that the description given by the original eyewitness in Puerto Rico, Madelyne Tolentino, ...
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