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Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns. In public discourse, often used as a shorthand for the effects of anthropogenic global warming.

9 votes

Do the recent CLOUD results have significant implications for global warming?

Low-level clouds form around particles called "cloud condensation nuclei" (CCN). CCNs, themselves form around aerosols. According to the the CLOUD paper (Kirkby et. al), cosmic rays increase aerosol n …
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11 votes

Are the leaked Heartland Institute documents legitimate?

Heartland has issued a press release confirming that a number of documents had been emailed to a third party. They claim that one of them (the 2012 Climate Strategy [PDF]) is faked (though obviously t …
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  • 6,648
18 votes

Did the development of agriculture prevent an ice age occurring?

Schmidt, Shindell and Harder (2004) argue that it may be possible to explain the changes Ruddiman was talking about through natural variations (including feedback responses to such variations), and th …
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  • 6,648
24 votes

Is the world warmer now than during the Medieval Warm Period?

It is highly unlikely that the medieval warm period was, globally, warmer than current. The IPCC 4th Assessment Report graphed a dozen different replications of the "hockey stick" graph, along with t …
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  • 6,648
19 votes

Are the specific claims from the "WSJ 16" climate skeptics true?

Skeptical Science has an excellent point-by-point response to the WSJ letter. I would really like to highlight Skeptical Science's wonderful "escalator" graphic illustrating the difference between th …
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  • 6,648
15 votes

Do McKitrick's criticisms of the IPCC accurately represent their processes?

McKitrick's report gives a number of case studies which, he claims, describe issues in the IPCC processes. A recent case is Sven Teske, a climate campaigner for Greenpeace who was selected by the IPC …
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  • 6,648