1. According to the OSHA manual on preventing strain from working with video display terminals, three elements are of concern when it comes to lighting: 
 * quantity (lower lighting is better, OSHA recommends “28-50 foot candles”)
 * contrast (lower produces less strain)
 * glare (again, lower or more diffuse light is better)

  See: http://www.osha.gov/Publications/videoDisplay/videoDisplay.html

2. The American Optometry Association has similar recommendations on their website:</


  The AOA makes the point that if any of your work requires accessing other materials within your workspace, you will require a bit more light. 

3. While too much lighting can have negative effects, primarily due to glare as noted in Atwood’s quote, this does not mean that it’s best to work in complete darkness. Several studies have found that there is a lower level at which eyesight begins to be affected while using a computer. See Aaras, et al., 1998, Sugimoto, Ikeda, & Noguchi, 1999, and Wolska & Switula, 1999 for examples. 

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