I would have thought that we have the technology to detect the exact chemical composition of Coke, to such an extent as to make it a non-secret.

So is the exact composition really a secret?

Since the exact words I used seem to cause confusion, here’s a clarification: is the full list of ingredients, and the relevant proportions, known to anybody who is not a Coca-Cola employee and is not under an NDA with respect to this information?


I would like to once again draw attention to the distinction between a _recipe_ and _composition_:

**Composition**: a list of all _ingredients_, including quantity/proportion.

**Recipe**: a list of _steps_ one can take to create the final composition. In other words, one of many possible ways of achieving the _composition_, and certainly not defining it all by itself.

The current answer discusses the **recipe**, which is confirmed to be a secret and this is not contentious. I’m asking about the **composition** of Coca-Cola. If one can match the (known or unknown?) composition of Coca-Cola _exactly_, then the recipe can only affect things like cost, but certainly not the taste.

The current answer claims that the _composition_ is not a secret, but does not state whether anyone actually knows it, nor cites a source for this claim.