3 of 3 Quote evidence. Make it clear it isn't actually a link to the order, but to a news report.

The current state of the world is that marriage licenses are issued in Kim Davis' office by other employees, according to NBC News:

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has obeyed orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the months since she spent five nights in jail for refusing to do so, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. [...] [A judge] found that Davis has allowed her deputies to issue licenses to anyone eligible since September and that the altered licenses are likely valid under Kentucky law.

The licenses do not have her name on them. This is in compliance with an executive order issued by Governor Matt Bevin and later by a state law allowing the same thing. From the latter link:

She was sued and jailed for five days when a judge held her in contempt of court, but she was later released when other employees in the clerk’s office began issuing licenses.

The next link is to a story that is contemporaneous with her release.

Kim Davis did originally question whether licenses without her signature were legally valid. But I don't know of, nor can I find, any support for her opposing making such licenses valid. Her attorneys' suggestion at the time of her release was to make the licenses issued by the state instead of the County Clerks. Then Governor Steve Beshear (whose term has since ended) refused to call a special session of the legislature to do that.