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@Tor-EinarJumbo gives what I think is the correct answer, but I would like to add another than addresses @SebastianRedl's comments.

Here is the complete data from the poll. The question about Agrabah had only three responses: 'support bombing', 'oppose bombing' or 'not sure'. Presumably a response of 'Isn't that the country from Aladdin?' was filed under 'not sure'.

The 41% figure given for Trump supporters is of all responses. So the full response list is:

  • 41% support
  • 9% oppose
  • 51% not sure (sic. Rounding errors)

The figures of around 50% 'not sure' is fairly constant across all the Republican primary supports, with the happy exception of George Pataki, whose supporters returned a 100% 'not sure'. Presumably George Pataki scores high among people who listen to questions and know the names of countries.

The 50% 'not sure' is also fairly constant across all other demographics.