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Here are two articles about the same time:



I could not find anything recent about moles, as if it is a career killer. Nothing negating, either. Looks like good science, but clearly the boffins are wary of making claims (see following article of 4 years ago).

If nothing comes out in 7 more years, I would become concerned.



"“We now know of 20 common genetic risk factors, and 12 of these are clearly related to telomere length, pigmentation or the number of moles an individual has,” said co-lead ­author Mark Iles from the University of Leeds in Britain. "

The discoverer is quoted in the article of not wanting to support claims on the internet 'with a barge pole'. (you might want to google it as they want subscriptions. Change a computer also might help. I could not access a second time but the agemarker site seems to work better.)