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The chemical element with atomic number 30 and symbol Zn. Use for elemental zinc and zinc compounds.

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Does zinc help with colds and flus? [closed]

This question doesn't duplicate the more limited one on Zicam; I ask here about zinc in general. No: Mayo Clinic (from which I quote below) and WebMD are skeptical. Since then, research has ...
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Calamine lotion connected with kidney failure?

My wife was just at a grocery store and a checkout girl told her that calamine lotion (zinc oxide + ferric oxide) had been correlated to kidney failure. My wife was going to get it for my daughter who ...
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Does homeopathic zinc (Zicam) help with the common cold?

I'm sick, and my friend had me buy store brand Zicam to help with it. Looking at the bottle after taking it, I thought the ingredients were written strangely. "Zincum Aceticum 2x", it says, when I ...
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Are zinc supplements beneficial?

There is a lot of advertising for zinc supplements on the web, most of which seems indistinguishable from advertisements for ineffective alt-medicine cures. Are these ads a hoax, or is there any ...
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