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Questions tagged [young-earth-creationism]

The subset of creationism (that is the movement opposed to the idea of darwinian evolution, believing life to be directly created by god) who also believe the earth was created recently (usually < 100,000 years ago).

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108 votes
5 answers

Is the Earth 6000 years old?

Dr Kent Hovind, a noted American Young Earth creationist, claims that the Earth is only 6000 years old. When I was growing up, I was taught in school that dinosaurs come from at least millions of ...
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Is Carbon-14 found in all strata?

In a recent creationist video, he oh-so-subtly mentioned that there was the isotope carbon-14 (14C) not only in all layers of strata, but in equal amounts too, and that this was somehow proof of a ...
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Is the Moon young?

According to Dr. Thomas G. Barnes the Moon is much younger than claimed by the mainstream scientific community, by many orders of magnitude. The Giant impact hypothesis, one of the primary ...
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Does the radioactivity on Hiroshima's soil affect radiometric dating?

I heard several times from creationists that now, if scientists would examine the land in Hiroshima, it will tell them it is millions of years old all because of the atom bomb. And because of that ...
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Are neanderthal skull fossils just skulls of very elderly humans?

Some people claim that the fossils that have been generally classified as Neanderthal are actually human, and in particular, humans who have lived to a very old age - i.e. two or three hundred years ...
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In 2014, did nearly half of all Americans believe in Creationism?

A 2014 poll by Gallup seems to say that in the U.S., 42% believe Creationist view of human origins. Is this really true? Are any of the claims from this study dubious?
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Are results of carbon dating cross referenced by other methods?

Creationists make the claim that a global flood has messed up the precision of radiocarbon dating and hence, it cannot be relied upon. But if it is consistently cross-referenced by other methods, then ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Did the Earth have so little oxygen that dinosaurs couldn't exist?

Noted Young-Earth Creationist Kent Hovind made a claim in a 2007 video that suggested that the idea of dinosaurs living on Earth millions of years ago was implauseable if the oxygen levels were the at ...
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Have scientists found 700,000-or-more visible annual ice layers?

For people who doubt radiometric dating, layer-counting may provide hard evidence for one or another minimum age of the earth. In its question-and-answer article on how the age of the earth is ...
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