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Does SuperBrain yoga improve cognition?

SuperBrain yoga is a yoga practice that features holding your earlobes with your opposite hands. It is described in a 2005 book. The ad copy claims: SuperBrain Yoga is a scientifically validated ...
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Does yoga cause as many injuries as other sports?

This Telegraph article claims: Yoga is more dangerous than previously thought and causes as many injuries as other sports, a study has found. [...] in a recent study yoga caused musculoskeletal pain -...
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Has anyone used yoga to live for supernatural lengths of time?

According to this commentary on the Bhagavata Purana by Swami Prabhupada: By controlling the breath, the perfect yogī can continue his life for as long as he likes. Sometimes we hear from the Vedic ...
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Can nearsightedness be cured with yoga?

Baba Ramdev claims in this 1hr Hindi video that yoga can cure myopia. Is there evidence that one can be cured of myopia by yoga?
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Can a person "suspend their pulse"?

The Wikipedia article about Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, the "father of modern yoga", claims During the 1920s, Krishnamacharya held many demonstrations to stimulate popular interest in yoga. These ...
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Does regular self-induced vomiting provide any health benefit?

Yoga International provided an acquittance with a cleansing technique dubbed upper wash where the healthy subject is to voluntarily vomit in order to clean their body from toxins: http://...
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Does breathing through one nostril affect the nervous system?

As far as I understand, in yoga, breathing through the left or right nostrils are associated with different (dualistic) mental activities. As Gregor Maehle writes in his book 'Pranayama - The Breath ...
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Is Tai Chi effective to treat tendinitis?

I have heard and read from various (low quality) sources that Tai Chi is effective to treat tendinitis (a.k.a. tendonitis). E.g.: Askville: Gentle exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga, and stretching, ...
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Can yoga or stretching aid in cleansing organs?

I go to yoga class every Monday and Wednesday and my instructor says we are doing this stretch to cleans the "X" which can be either blood, kidneys, liver, etc. This website says yoga has "cleansing"...
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Was most of western yoga invented in twentieth century?

Was almost everything (excluding "seated meditation posture") in western yoga invented in twentieth century? Wikipedia, for example, states that yoga: originated in ancient India And does not ...
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Does Pavan Mukta Asana help releasing gastrointestinal gas?

Pavan Mukta Asana As mentioned above, practicing the purvana-mukta-asana will help to release gastrointestinal gas. It is also improves other gastrointestinal problems like upset stomachs and ...
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If I stand on my head for a while will I get healthier?

I've read that standing on your head (called sirsasana by hatha yoga practicioners) does something to the blood flow to the brain and hence increase your health or something. Partial claims were made ...
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Has yoga been shown to have a healing effect?

In a comment to one of the answers of Is there any scientific evidence that prayer can help to heal? Konerak wrote: That's for intercessory prayer. Praying for yourself has been correlated to ...
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