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Questions about World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War; a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

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Did Gandhi express admiration for Hitler early in WW2?

Early in his extremely readable and widely admired history of the Battle of Britain (The Most Dangerous Enemy), Stephen Bungay puts Britain's situation after the defeat of France in context by ...
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Did the USSR have 21 thousand tanks at the beginning of WW2?

In the Icebreaker series by Viktor Suvorov, he says that at the beginning of World War 2, the Soviet Union had roughly 7 times as many tanks as Nazi Germany, which had 3000-4000 tanks. I can't ...
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Is this tweet about classes one month after the Hiroshima bombing, and the 2011 tsunami accurate? Japan. Top: One Month After Hiroshima, 1945. Bottom: One Month After The Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011. Incredible. Are the images ...
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Did the Nazis kill Jews with gas chambers?

I just heard Holocaust denier and former academic, Robert Faurisson, explaining a few things about gas chambers. What he claims : The dilapidated chambers, thought to be gas chambers in the Nazi ...
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Did eight Jesuit priests survive the nuking of Hiroshima without serious injury?

It is being frequently claimed by Catholic sources (e.g. Catholic News Agency, Catholic Herald) and even Wikipedia that eight Jesuit priests survived the nuking of Hiroshima with very minor physical ...
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Does the "survivorship bias" airplane diagram come from World War II research on returning war planes?

This is a famous diagram. It is used extensively to demonstrate the concept of "Survivorship Bias". Here is a typical example claim associated with this diagram: In World War 2 the allies ...
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Has the Holocaust been exaggerated?

I am not a Holocaust denier but I am skeptical of some of the reported numbers and details of the historical event. Is there any evidence that 6 million Jews were executed as part of a plan to ...
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Did WW2 pilots lead a swinger's lifestyle to ensure that their friends would take care of their family if they died? referenced this interview where author Christopher Ryan claims that: “World War II fighter pilots had the highest fatality rates of any division of the military. When they were back ...
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Did a Jewish prisoner write this quote about God and forgiveness?

According to a number of social media sites, including Reddit: “If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” — A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during ...
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Do people exposed to high levels of radiation pose any risk to their children or other individuals?

An article from the Los Angeles Times regarding the concerns of individuals who live near the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant that appeared in my local newspaper this morning contained this interesting ...
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Did Soviet soldiers commit two million rapes of German women in 1945?

During the Allied troops entry and occupation of German territory during the later stages of World War II, it is alleged that mass rapes were committed by Allied Forces. The Telegraph reported: ...
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Was Stalin planning to attack Germany?

I have read a couple of books by Viktor Suvorov, such as Icebreaker as a child where he presents a theory that before World War 2, Stalin was planning to attack the West via Germany, and/or had set ...
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Did the "Russian Sleep Experiment" happen?

While talking about scary things and war, my girlfriend acted surprised when she found that I don't know what "Nikolayev gas" is. When I opened up wikipedia and didn't find anything she told ...
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Did Nazis use alternatives to Zyklon B?

Many sources online seem to be claiming that, when in lack of Zyklon B, Nazis used their truck exhaust pipes directly as a source of gas. Is that true?
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Were many Ukrainian and Polish women raped by Soviet soldiers during the WWII?

This[1] site claims: It's not that the idea of rape as a weapon of war is implausible. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian, Polish and most of all German women were raped by Red Army soldiers as ...
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Was the EU created or supported by Nazis? [closed]

My dad has started preaching from this self published book (Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU Was Created by Nazis, by Jack King) which claims the European Union was both wanted and created by ...
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