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The state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.

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Can a cup of coffee be used as a barometer?

A recent Instructable was picked up by Lifehacker. It states: When you pour the coffee into your cup, watch the bubbles. If the bubbles move to the edge of the cup rather quickly, that's a good sign. ...
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Do Föhn winds cause migraines and mental illness?

Föhn winds are dry, warm winds which occur in the lee of mountain ranges. According to Wikipedia föhn winds have been long associated with negative health impacts, especially in German-speaking Europe,...
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Can cows accurately predict when it is going to rain?

And do they show when they know it's going to rain by lying down, as the common saying suggests. Or is this just folklore? A quote on this Discovery Channel discussion board says this: Cows are quite ...
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Is 70% of the world economy weather-sensitive?

Several sources make varying claims that 70% of the global economy is sensitive/dependant on the weather: Frogcast: Participative fundraising 70% of the world economy is weather sensitive. JOM: ...
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Does closing a window reduce a serious risk of harm due to ball lightning?

In my country, there is a popular belief that during a thunderstorm, windows should be closed because of the risk of ball lightning. The answers to this other question explain that ball lightning “is ...
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Did Donnie Decker exist and could he make it rain at will?

According to this website: 10 Enigmas, there was a boy called "Donnie Decker" (number 1 on the list in the website), born in 1983, who could make it rain at will. Here is an extract from that story: ...
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Are storms getting more or less severe in the long term for Australia?

Over the past couple of years people have been claiming that storms are getting more severe in Australia. Some linking this to global warming. Specifically Professor Ross Garnaut in the opening ...
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Is it always snowing somewhere (on earth)?

Today I read on a give-away pen the slogan "It is always snowing somewhere". I don't believe this, but found it a bit hard to prove this wrong.. I found this on google, a quote from "Winter Weather ...
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