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The state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.

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Can HAARP affect weather or earthquakes?

Project HAARP is a favorite target of conspiracy theorists. It has been blamed for causing the Haiti earthquake, the recent Japanese earthquake and many, many other events. The High Frequency ...
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Is drinking hot water more beneficial during hot weather?

I heard from various sources since I was growing up that during hot weather one should drink warm or hot drinks and during cold weather one should rather drink cold drinks, but a quick google found no ...
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Do weather changes affect arthritis?

My father always claims he knows when a storm is coming by the pain in his knee. It turns out he might not be as crazy as I thought. Many people with arthritis report varying pain levels as a result ...
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Is ball lightning real?

Over the ages there have been many accounts of ball lightning. Some accounts from Wikipedia are as follows: One of the earliest descriptions was reported during The Great Thunderstorm at a ...
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Do contrails last long enough to explain chemtrails?

I often hear the claim that "chemtrails" have to exist, because normal contrails don't linger very long. Is there a definitive scientific explanation for why normal contrails sometimes do, in fact ...
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Is it harmful to sip a little alcohol in the cold?

I read a recent article on ABC News entitled Cold Weather Myths: What You Need to Know During a Snowstorm. In this article, they claim that: Experts say despite the warm feeling a shot of whiskey ...
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Is watering plants under a hot sun bad?

A couple of people have told me that it's a bad for plants to be watered in the middle of a sunny day, i.e. it's not just that you waste more water due to evaporation, but that there are actually bad ...
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Were 50°C (122°F) days recorded across Australia during the 1800s?

The article Forgotten history: 50 degrees everywhere, right across Australia in the 1800s claims that there were regular recorded temperatures above 50°C across Australia in the 1800s: Australians ...
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Has weather been weaponised?

A letter in The Guardian makes the following claims: While seemingly fantastical, weather has been weaponised. At least four countries – the US, Russia, China and Israel – possess the technology ...
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Is long-term weather prediction effective?

The Farmer's Almanac is used by many farmers to time plantings, harvesting, fertilizing, etc., based upon the results of "long-term weather prediction". Is there any evidence that such predictions ...
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Can cows accurately predict when it is going to rain?

And do they show when they know it's going to rain by lying down, as the common saying suggests. Or is this just folklore? A quote on this Discovery Channel discussion board says this: Cows are quite ...
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Has climate change measurably increased the likelihood of tropical storms such as Haiyan?

The recent extreme tropical storm Haiyan has brought the relationship between cyclones and climate change back into the newspaper headlines. This recent headline from Britain's Daily Mirror suggests ...
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Does drinking hot beverages on a hot day make a person feel cooler? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is drinking hot water more beneficial during hot weather? Over the years I've heard from various people that drinking hot beverages on a hot day will make you feel cooler. ...
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