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Do garlic sprouts cause digestion problems due to sulfur content?

In many French-speaking websites or recipe books, it is claimed that the garlic sprout [the green shoot in the centre of a clove], while safe to eat, can be difficult to digest because of higher ...
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Does produce lose much of its nutrients just a few days after harvest?

The Chicago Tribune has reported in 2013 that Most produce loses 30 percent of nutrients three days after harvest I've seen an ad a few times recently that says "Produce loses most of its ...
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Are today's vegetables so much nutrient poor compared to vegetables from many years ago? [duplicate]

On the web there is plenty of material like this one claiming that the vegetables we buy today are much less nutritious than vegetables from 40/70/100 years ago. 8 oranges today have the same ...
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Are vegetables, grains and fruit an important part of a healthy diet?

Western nutritionists recommend that a substantial part of a healthy diet include fruit, vegetables and grains. e.g. Nutrition Australia's Healthy Eating Pyramid (via Vuly): Click to enlarge. ...
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Does baking soda help reducing pesticides from fruits and vegetables?

It seems to be effective with some pesticides on apples: I cannot find other studies related to other fruits and vegetables.
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Does carrying or consuming onions help to prevent heatstroke and/or reduce your body temperature?

Will consuming onions help to reduce your body temperature, or prevent heatstroke? Some common variations of this claim include applying onion juice to your skin, or even just carrying an onion in ...
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Do fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets taste worse than those grown on local farms?

It is a common belief that the produce sold at American supermarkets is "bland" and "tasteless". For example, the article "EVER WONDER WHY MODERN PRODUCE IS SO TASTELESS?"...
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Does contact with metal surfaces reduce the vitamin levels of vegetables?

I have heard that cutting or grating vegetables with metal tools somehow reduces the vitamin content (or as it is sometimes stated "it kills the vitamins"). There are also commercials, which advocate ...
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Did audiences throw tomatoes at performers they disliked?

There is a frequent trope in movies and television where audiences throw rotten tomatoes at performers they don't like (for instance, the Onceler in the Lorax has tomatoes thrown at him). This goes ...
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How legit is this graph of heart disease and cancer vs unrefined plant foods?

Unrefined Plant Food Consumption vs. The Killer Diseases I insist that our low consumption of unrefined plant foods is largely responsible for our dismal mortality statistics. Most of us perish ...
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Will asparagus make your pee attract fish?

According to this website: He discovered that tinned asparagus was included as part of the emergency ration kit given to American pilots in the Pacific Ocean region, who were working for the US ...
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Are tomatoes carnivorous?

New research shows that [tomatoes] capture and kill small insects with sticky hairs on their stems and then absorb nutrients through their roots when the animals decay and fall to the ground. ...
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Do people always think of the same vegetable?

Think of the number six. Now - name a vegetable! It is claimed that people, when asked for a random vegetable, will typically pick the same one. (Spoiler below. Once you have guessed, click or hover ...
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Are frozen vegetables typically healthier to buy and eat than fresh ones?

I've been told that frozen vegetables are frozen soon after harvest and as such don't get sprayed with as much preservatives. I'm also told fresh vegetables are sprayed with extra preservatives so ...
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Are vegetables good for me?

From a young age, most people are told that vegetables are really good for you and you must eat them... But why? If I eat loads of vegetables for a week, and then the next week I eat nothing but ...
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