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for questions about liquid human waste expelled through the genitals

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Is it a good idea to drink your own urine in a survival situation?

Image Source In Man vs. Wild the host Bear Grylls claims you should drink your own urine to avoid dehydration. Among the many other interesting feats he has done: The show has featured stunts ...
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Does urine heal jellyfishes' sting?

It is a common myth that, if you're stung by a jellyfish, then pouring urine on the wound is an effective way to treat the injury or ease the pain. That belief is deeply entrenched in the American ...
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Does standing closer to the urinal prevent urine splashes?

My work has a sign in the bathrooms requesting that you stand closer to the urinals to avoid splashing onto the floor. Is this actually a workable fact? My query is that if you stand closer, wouldn'...
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Is urine the cause of redness of eyes (in swimming pools)?

According to, Chlorine in swimming pools don't make your eyes red, it's the urine. Quoting from the article: One of the most shocking revelations the CDC shared was the truth behind what ...
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Does a full bladder help maintain mental focus?

According to this newspaper article David Cameron has used this technique: a source revealed that the Prime Minister was “desperate for a pee” during the marathon dinner summit in the Justus Lipsius ...
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Does placing a fly on a urinal improve cleanliness in men's toilets?

Recently Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for Economics for his "Nudge" Theory. Pretty much every news agency (in the UK at least) has chosen to explain his theory by using the "Fly on a Urinal" ...
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Does drinking cattle urine have health benefits?

Recently, a provincial government in India has decided to promote cattle urine as a health drink: Cow urine to be promoted as health drink in Uttar Pradesh BJP government in UP prepares proposal ...
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2 answers

Does cow urine contain gold?

I stumbled upon a video of a baba (spiritual guru | Baba Ramdev) saying that cow urine contains gold. This belief is widespread in India. I looked it up and many sites saying cow urine contains gold. ...
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Does urine have health benefits?

Some people claim urine cures everything from colds to cancer. I read these claims here Advocates claim it has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anticancer properties. [...] ...
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Was penicillin ever made with pregnant mare urine?

I've been having an ongoing discussion with my parents lately about penicillin's constitution. They firmly believe that it is, or at least was at some point in its history, made with pregnant mare's ...
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Are bar peanuts regularly tainted by urine?

In many pubs, bars and clubs peanuts are provided as a convenience. The saying goes that throughout the night, grubby dudes who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom come out and taint ...
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Does Shh.. sound help kids to urinate? [duplicate]

It may be an old wives tale ( Is there any truth to it? Need definitive sources.
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Does too much sex, or STDs, cause urination after sneezing?

From Billy Baldwin (verified user, 109 RTs, 805 likes, Wikipedia biography), referring to Jenna Jameson, who used to be a porn star: Curious to know what might've caused that sneeze-pee condition ...
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Do saliva glands emit urine?

I've heard from "fun fact" sources that there is urine in human saliva: When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands. But that’s okay – fresh urine is ...
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Do "Dog rocks" prevent yellow stains from appearing on my lawn?

When we got our new puppy I laid a great lawn on our balcony (an amazing 1m2 patch of grass) that sadly had to be replaced after a few weeks due to yellow spots. I found a product with the name Dog ...
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