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Is the word "field" part of the trigger warnings in US universities?

Note: I am French, we do not really have the concept of "trigger warnings", except during the national TV news where there would be sometimes a warning about a violent scene. In a video ...
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Is Stanford's "Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative" real?

The Wall Street Journal claims that this document is a legitimate initiative of Stanford University. It recommends, for example, that the term "blind study", widely used in experimental ...
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Can one enroll in Harvard University without taking an English test?

Wei Dongyi is an assistant professor at Peking University who recently appeared in an interview that went viral. South China Morning Post writes: His high school teacher Zhang Yonghua told Shandong ...
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Are more than half of all new PhDs in the U.S. from diploma mills?

John Bear, co-author of Degree Mills, a book that delves into the topic of fake degrees in higher education has claimed that more than half of all new PhDs in the United States are issued from diploma ...
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Do people with ADHD have a college graduation rate of 5%?

I have been seeing people on social media say that the college/university graduation rate of people with ADHD is around only 5%. According to this Medscape article, ADHD: Recent Advances in ...
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59 votes
3 answers

Did college students clamor for cyanide pills in student health clinics in the 1980's in America?

According to the article Media Throw Everything at the Wall to See What Sticks: Witless college students demanded cyanide pills be stocked in campus health care clinics, on the grounds that Reagan ...
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Is Al Qarawiyyin the oldest university in the world?

This Moroccan World News article claims that the Univeristy of Al Qarawiyyin of Fez, Morocco is "the Oldest University in the World". Dating back to 859, the University is no doubt older ...
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Is sponsoring a child responsible for people going to university in Mongolia?

An ad from World Vision advertised on Channel Seven today: A gift that lasts a lifetime | World Vision Australia (another Aussie mentioned TV personality's Melissa Doyle's story to me previously, so ...
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Does the average Ivy League student have an IQ of 145?

Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson gave a talk in March 2017 where he said (in the first minute of the video): If you go back and look at the records at Harvard, for example, in the early ...
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Was a teenager admitted to Stanford University after repeatedly writing #BlackLivesMatter on a supplemental essay?

This source claims that a teenager got accepted into Stanford University after writing #BlackLivesMatter, when answering a supplemental essay question, What matters to you, and why? Is this true?
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Did Russia have over a million universities in 2005? [closed]

According to the European University Institute's Academic Careers Observatory, in 2005 Russia had over a million degree-granting institutions: In 2005, Russia had 1,196,350 universities and higher ...
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Sexual assault epidemic on US campuses or up-playing of same situation as elsewhere? [duplicate]

I'm not from the US nor do I live there - so I definitely have no idea what life on US campuses is like. In recent years I've heard occasional news stories about supposed prevalence of sexual assault ...
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Has California built only 1 University since 1980?

Kambree Kawahine Koa posted this image: Has California built only 1 University since 1980?
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Are Jewish students over-represented at Harvard University?

According to David Duke: Jews are dramatically over-represented in comparison with every ethnic/racial group in America. In comparison with European Americans, Jews are almost 47 times more ...
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Do members of Skull and Bones at Yale University wrestle naked in mud?

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University. The New York Times claimed that: Initiates wrestle naked in a mud pile. Is that part of a longstanding ritual of Skull and Bones members?
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1 answer

If someone dies during a test, does everyone else pass? [closed]

This picture has been making the rounds on Twitter today. Judging off the second bullet point, I assume that the tests being talked about are ones that are given in college. Is it true that, if ...
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Do College Cafeterias Put Laxatives in Their Food? [closed]

Going into college this fall, I've heard various rumors about this. Some first hand from college students, some from people who spoke to college students, and some just rumors. The idea is: sick ...
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Does higher education increase international competitiveness?

In this story, the UK chancellor is quoted as saying: Each year, around 60,000 young people who have worked hard at school, got the results, want to go on learning and want to take out a loan to ...
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Are frat members more often involved in rape?

This is more about a common prejudice (or not) about fraternities than about some famous claim. I want to know whether frat members rape more than the common non-fraternity member? In Opinion: '...
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Do 15% of elite college students in the US not meet the admission requirements?

According to this article from the BBC, As many as 15% of white students admitted to elite colleges don't meet admissions standards. This quote seems ...
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