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for questions about claims based in United Arab Emirates.

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Did Dubai sentence someone to four years in jail for possession of three poppy seeds from a bread roll?

The BBC and various other news sites make variations of the following claim: Previously, a Swiss man was jailed for possessing just three poppy seeds which he had transported with him to Dubai. ...
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Does UAE screen people with HIV/AIDS at the airport?

I recently stumbled upon a post that claims that: For all the people who wish to come to the UAE for vacation or for shopping there's a new rule. Upon arrival at the airport an HIV/AIDS test will ...
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11 votes
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Is sex slavery active in the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates?

In Iran (as a neighbor of these countries from the north of Persian Gulf) it is common to hear claims that sex slavery is active in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. You can find some ...
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Are all the citizens of UAE very rich?

There is a widespread belief that all the citizens of the UAE are very rich. In particular, a person I know who grew up in UAE suggested that "Pretty much every citizen has a Bentley" is literally ...
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