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2 answers

Are 85% of autistic college grads unemployed?

In 2016, a paper entitled Autism in the Workplace: Assessing the Transition Needs of Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder claimed: The most recent unemployment statistics for adults with ASD ...
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Has the US unemployment rate reached 24.9%?

Before this seven-week stretch of 33.5 million initial jobless claims, there were already 7.1 million unemployed Americans as of March 13. When those figures are combined, it equals more than 40 ...
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Is female unemployment lowest in 18 years?

President Donald Trump celebrated the Women's March by tweeting the following. Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the ...
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Do 40,000 people die in the United States for every 1% increase in unemployment?

In the 2015 movie The Big Short, the character of Ben Rickert, played by Brad Pitt, makes the following statement to two investment bankers. If we're right (about the housing market collapsing), ...
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Does immigration to the USA increase the unemployment rate?

Does immigration to the USA diminish the number of jobs available to US citizens? According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: The poll also finds that 56 percent of American voters believe that ...
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Is immigration causing unemployment among low-skill workers in the UK?

Immigration policy is a hot topic in UK politics, but is it actually costing British jobs?
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0 answers

Are these metrics regarding the 2009-2014 recession accurate?

In the Forbes article "The Worst Five Years Since the Great Depression", it is quoted: [...] what America got by year five was fewer jobs than before. Even though the employment age population has ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Did the U.S. median unemployment duration drop by the steepest amount for any six month period ever in the first half of 2014?

On HUFF POST, a claim is made on July 7, 2014: The past six months saw "the largest six-month decline in the length of unemployment ever measured," he said. "The debate on that ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Has a company fired its employees by deactivating their access badges?

A few years ago, at the beginning of the financial crisis, there was this rumor that traveled from mouth to mouth about some company that did some layoffs. The story says the company's management ...
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3 answers

Are there fewer Americans in the labor force than in 1979?

Just wondering if this claim is true, Picture reads, There are fewer AMERICANS in the labor force today than anytime since 1979!! LIKE and SHARE this if Americans need more OPPORTUNITY!
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Is today's unemployment worse than the Great Depression?

Just saw this come across Facebook, It reads, UNEMPLOYMENT If we measured unemployment the way they did during the 1930s, today's unemployment would be worse than any single year of ...
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Do most economists consider lump of labor to be a fallacy?

As an economist in training, it is my understanding that the idea that there is a fixed amount of work is considered a fallacy by most economists. For example, when Paul Krugman discusses it, he ...
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2 answers

Will introduction of a minimum wage increase unemployment?

In economics, you commonly hear the clear that a minimum wage law will reduce employment. Is there empirical evidence that either supports or debunks that claim?
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