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23 votes
1 answer

Is today's unemployment worse than the Great Depression?

Just saw this come across Facebook, It reads, UNEMPLOYMENT If we measured unemployment the way they did during the 1930s, today's unemployment would be worse than any single year of ...
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13 votes
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Do most economists consider lump of labor to be a fallacy?

As an economist in training, it is my understanding that the idea that there is a fixed amount of work is considered a fallacy by most economists. For example, when Paul Krugman discusses it, he ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Has the US unemployment rate reached 24.9%?

Before this seven-week stretch of 33.5 million initial jobless claims, there were already 7.1 million unemployed Americans as of March 13. When those figures are combined, it equals more than 40 ...
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Is immigration causing unemployment among low-skill workers in the UK?

Immigration policy is a hot topic in UK politics, but is it actually costing British jobs?
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