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for questions about claims based in Ukraine, or limited to Ukraine.

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Did Joe Biden "stop the prosecution" of his son in Ukraine? And did he brag about stopping the prosecution?

In recently released transcripts of a phone conversation between President Trump of the United States and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, President Trump makes the following statement: There's a ...
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Did NATO instruct anti-government neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine on conducting diversions and waging guerilla?

There are multiple claims in Russian press that in 2006 NATO in Estonia has instructed neo-Nazi anti-government paramilitary hate groups from Ukraine on how to conduct diversions and wage guerilla war....
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Was Aeroflot SU2074 intended target in MH17 shooting?

In recently published video and press release SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) claims that intended target for the SA-11 operated by Russian separatists was Russian Aeroflot flight SU2074 (aka AFL-...
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Was MH17's flight path rerouted?

I was reading this article which is an open letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron from former Russian President, Sergey Stepashin, and Russian Politician President, Sergey Glazyev regarding the ...
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Was the video about MH17 done the day before it crashed?

Was the video implicating rebels in the shooting down of MH17 created the day before the crash? Example claim donwload SBU video of recording of rebels talking of downing #MH17 and check the ...
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Did Crimean Tatars collaborate with Nazi Germany's crimes against humanity?

The article Tell Eurovision in 1944 Stalin deported Crimean Tatars to protect them from punishment for Nazi war crimes, by Scott (13672 views, 64 comments) claims that Crimean Tatars collaborated with ...
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