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An unusual apparent anomaly in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the observer as any known object.

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Was Air Force sergeant Jonathan Lovette abducted in 1956 by a UFO and left mutilated?

According to an account carried on the History Channel (note: geo-locked): the Lovette-Cunningham incident, involves an American Air Force sargeant allegedly abducted by a saucer-like aircraft, after ...
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Is this an authentic image of a UFO sighting in Canary Islands (1976)?

According to Wikipedia, a strange 40 minute unidentified flying object or an unexplainable phenomena occured on June 22, 1976 in the Canary islands. The phenomena (object) was observed in multiple ...
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Are these UFOs on the videos released by the Pentagon still unidentified?

The Pentagon recently released videos of UFOs taken by Navy pilots. According to this Guardian article, The Pentagon on Monday [27 April 2020] released three declassified videos that show US Navy ...
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Is this video authentic footage from 1952 Washington DC? This is one of the research sites claiming its real, its also been included in many documentaries, lates of which The Phenomenon Without any bias, ...
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Is the recent media attention given to the USS Nimitz UFO incident a disinformation scheme? [closed]

There has been a lot of recent press about David Fravor's 2004 UFO sighting, an event also known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident. A quick Google search will verify that since December of 2017 (with ...
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Is this a credible video footage of an unidentified flying object or unidentified aerial phenomena?

A nine-minute Navy video footage of a strange flying object as noted here and here was captured by two experienced Chilean Navy officers from a helicopter. This was also studied by Chilean military ...
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Is this metal artifact 250,000 years old?

This Fox News article says an aluminum metal part discovered in 1970 is 250,000 years old (and then conclude it must be from an alien craft.) Now tests at a lab in Lausanne, Switzerland, have ...
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Does the STS103-734-73 NASA picture show another spacecraft? [closed]

UFO News reported in July 2014 that an older image taken of the Hubble Telescope is on a spacecraft (a "craft"). The image was taken in December 1999,, on STS-103, a repair mission on which Space ...
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2 answers

Is part of Himalayan mountain Kangtega a secret base?

There are plenty of sites claiming that part of Himalayan mountain Kangtega is a secret base: First, this could be an open area only visible with high end digital equipment. Meaning this could be a ...
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Is the Chelmsford England / "Hawaii" UFO Lights sighting video faked? [closed] Video is being passed around as a UFO or "Mystical Light" sighting over Chelmsford, UK, or in some cases "Hawaii". Are the lights special effects added in ...
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Was an unidentified spaceship recorded by the International Space Station, August 4, 2014?

This video, kinda went viral, the description says Date of sighting: August 4, 2014 Location of sighting: International Space Station (ISS) Hey everyone, I was watching the live cam and ...
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Alien craft design - Would it work? [closed]

Popular visualisations of UFO crafts are mostly disc shaped like the following Would a craft like this be able to fly? Why would this shape become popular, If a species could travel the distance ...
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Did Neil Armstrong find aliens on the moon?

There is a story told in Timothy Good's book Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up and repeated by The Examiner and Global Paranormal in which Neil Armstrong saw aliens on the moon, and ...
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The 2008 Istanbul UFO sighting: What does the video actually show?

This UFO sighting had some decent-quality video, compared to what's typical for most other sightings. Strangely though, for a UFO sighting event with such good "evidence", there's been surprisingly ...
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13 votes
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Did NASA's STEREO spacecraft capture an image of a cloaked UFO near Mercury?

Apparently on Dec. 1st a video camera on board a NASA satelite captured a "UFO" during a solar flare, near Mercury (skip ahead to 33 seconds for the relevant footage). Is it an alien spaceship? The ...
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Is this a genuine UFO sighting in London or a hoax? [closed]

Here's the link that was shared with me on Twitter: UFOs seen in sky over London Something about it strikes me as fake but I'll let the experts judge. Can anyone tell me how can this happen if it's ...
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Was an Alien body found in the Republic of Buryatia?

According to CNN iReport article "Alien Body Discovered in Russia After Reported UFO Crash": Around one month ago this publication reported on a major UFO event that occurred in the region of ...
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11 votes
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Did the USSR send a flying disk with mutant childlike aviators to Roswell in 1947?

I just read this article and the included Daily Show video which discusses a theory for the Roswell incident. To summarize the claims, what was recovered in Roswell was not an alien space craft. It ...
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Did Winston Churchill say that proof of alien spacecraft would threaten the Church?

I heard that the historical basis for the ongoing denial of UFO's by most world governments is because Winston Churchill said it would threaten the legitimacy of the church. Did Winston Churchill ...
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What is the current state of the evidence of the existence of the so-called Nazi UFO's?

As a skeptic, I was present at a meeting during which the presenter stated his belief in Nazi UFOs. Many websites claim that the Nazis had developed flying saucer technology during WWII: In science ...
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Are there public laws dealing with extraterrestrial contact?

UFO theorists claim that there are US laws preventing people from investigating or contacting aliens. From "Alien Contact Laws- $5,000 Fine And Imprisonment" at
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Have there been any credible reports of unidentified flying objects?

A unidentified flying object is just that—a flying object that has not been identified. There need not be evidence of alien hi-jinx. My criteria for a credible UFO report would include: ...
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Are alien visitors in Area 51?

Area 51-themed TV specials appear on US cable TV from time to time, often times even appearing on educational TV networks. These shows often feature interviews with people who claim to have seen ...
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Are crop circles man-made?

Every summer in England crop circles make the news for a few days. But journalists never really attempt to "solve" the question of who is responsible. source Are crop circles man-made? How?
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